• Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering, Management, Communication or other technical field required. An equivalent combination of education and experience may be considered.
  • Certification, such as Lead Assessor course in ISO 9001, Quality Auditor etc
  • Proven experience in supporting implementation of Quality Management System
  • Proven working experience as Internal Auditor or Senior Auditor
  • 3 to 5 years of work experience in QMS Audits or experience in managing and maintaining quality management system in manufacturing environment
  • Perform planned and periodic internal quality system assessment.
  • Gather relevant information from personnel about the approach, deployment, and results of processes and systems.
  • Identify non-conforming conditions requiring corrective actions, strengths, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Analyze findings and create summary presentation.
  • Facilitate closing meeting to review and interpret results with management.
  • Compile and issue a formal report detailing results.
  • Follow up on audits to ensure that solutions/corrective actions are implemented.
  • Initiate action to prevent the occurrence and recurrence of non-conforming conditions.
  • Assist with determination of corrective actions and continuous improvement.
Support External Audits (ISO Registrar, Customer)
  • Respond to auditor requests.
  • Coordinate audit schedule and logistics.
  • Prepare and assist in vetting audit assessment documents.
  • Prepare audit participants and areas.
Support Improvement of the Quality Management System
  • Maintain and improve the quality management system through assessment and sharing best practices
  • Support improvement of the quality assessment process
  • Participate in quality improvement projects
  • Provide access to standards and documentation
  • Plan Audit Objectives and Schedule.
  • Assist with the development and maintenance of Internal Audit Schedule.
  • Gather information from production, service, development and supporting activities.
  • Graduate in any related course
  • Knowledgeable of production kpi’s and knows how to calculate production man-hours efficiency, productivity
  • Knows how to communicate with different types of people
  • Performs time and motion study.
  • Conducts trials on new projects, new packaging materials, and new machines and pieces of equipment (new production process.
  • Responsible for developing and implementing process strategies, managing process resources, optimizing current and maintaining process documents
  • College graduate in Food Technology or any related course
  • At least 2 years of experience in Research and Development in Food Manufacturing Plant
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to multi-task with minimal supervision
  • Develops new products for general promotion. The selection of suitable raw materials to be used is one of the vital parts in product development.
  • Performs customization of the products based on the customer’s preference and specification.
  • Conducts product matching based on the customer’s specification. If the specimen/reference sample is provided by the customer, the closest match possible on the overall quality of the product should be achieved.
  • Responsible in the conduct of product benchmarking for the purpose of comparison in terms of the quality and performs product improvement as necessary.
  • Conducts sensory evaluation of the product to assess its overall acceptability due to varying purposes.
  • Handles product costing of newly approved products.
  • Monitors and updates cost of each product to maintain price stability in the market.
  • Conducts product sampling to be submitted to the client for approval.
  • Responsible in the documentation of Product Specification, Ingredient Declaration, Product Process Flow Chart, MSDS, etc.
  • Performs product troubleshooting if there is an occurrence of deviation in the operation.
  • Conducts shelf life testing of the products due to various purposes.
  • Performs part of the product accreditation process particularly on the product application.
  • Assists Production Department (Blending) in the conduct of batch trial run specifically for product with a new process flow/procedure.
  • Accomplishes various reports that are needed as references.
  • Attends to queries and concerns from different departments and customers. This also includes handling of electronic mail.
  • Supervises and maintains good housekeeping of the R&D division.
  • College Level or HS Graduate
  • With updated Driver’s License restrictions 123
  • At least two (2) years of related work experience as delivery driver in a food manufacturing/retail/trading industry. With trainings and seminars on Food Safety, GLP, SCM, QMS, OSH and among others is a plus
  • Coordinates with Delivery Driver regarding schedule of dispatch.
  • Loads or unloads products for delivery following the established loading/unloading guidelines.
  • Organizes products stated in the delivery documents and ensures proper zoning and segregation of products based on route and/or customer.
  • Implements food safety and GLP inside the delivery vehicle.
  • Works with QAC in the checking and inspection of delivery vehicle and ensures quality and proper sanitation of storage area.
  • Receives and signs Weekly Delivery Report (WDR).
  • Submits signed WDR to Logistics Department.
  • Claims SI, DR, COA, MSDS and other delivery documents.
  • Presents DRS to the Guard on Duty and proceeds to delivery destinations.
  • Checks routes and whereabouts of delivery vehicles and personnel on a regular basis.
  • Endorses the complete delivery documents to the Customer’s Guard on Duty for checking.
  • Unloads products in the Customer’s receiving area.
  • Graduate of BS Food Technology or any related course
  • At least two (2) years of extensive work experience as a Product
    Application Technologist in a food manufacturing or food trading/retail
  • Conducts product application of bakery ingredients and various premixes as per
    request by PRD and QAC personnel.
  • Submits accomplished Product Application Request Form.
  • Performs product sampling as approved by the department head.
  • Assists in city and provincial baking demonstrations.
  • Maintains cleanliness of test kitchen and training center.
  • Performs daily cleaning/sanitation of baking equipment, utensils and other
    appliances to avoid possible contamination.
  • Inspects and re-checks electrical outlets for safety purposes after office hours.
  • Acts as a delegate during food exhibit.
  • Assists in the conduct of testing existing and new/enhanced/alternative locally
    manufactured products.
  • Assists in the development of different/varied types of recipes as support for
    product launching and promotion.
  • Graduate of BS Industrial Engineering or any Engineering/Business course preferably with Certifications in Supply Chain Management
  • At least ten (10) years of extensive work experience as Warehouse and Logistics Manager in a food manufacturing industry. With trainings and seminars on Food Safety, GWP, SCM, QMS, OSH and among others is a plus.
  • Oversees the effective and efficient receiving of materials, office supplies and equipment from External Providers; transferring of materials from other Warehouses; releasing of products to Logistics and receiving of returned products from Customers as well as ensuring completeness and accuracy of shipping documents such as Delivery Receipt, Sales Invoice and other Certifications related to the materials/products.
  • Confers and works closely with Department Managers to coordinate smooth and seamless warehouse activities and material movements such as with Sales, QAC, Finance and Accounting as well as Purchasing.
  • Ensures that all materials/products are inspected, monitored and/or tested/analyzed by QAC prior to any material movement activities (receiving, transfer, release, dispatch).
  • Ensures the examination of invoices and shipping manifests for conformity to tariff, tax and customs regulations.
  • Graduate of BS Accountancy or any related accounting course
  • A Certified Public Accountant (is an advantage)
  • At least minimal work exposure/experience in C & C Operations preferably from a Manufacturing industry.
  • Prepares and submits the Collection Route Sheet (CRS) to C & C Supervisor for review.
  • Distributes and discusses the CRS to Collectors, Sales or Delivery personnel for the actual collection activities.
  • Monitors actual collection activities specifically in case of discrepancies or misprints of checks.
  • Receives and checks actual payments against collection documents.
  • Forwards collection documents and payments to C & C Supervisor for review.
  • Encodes and reconciles collection details in the C & C Module of the System.
  • Generates and prints the Collection Detailed Report (CDR) and submits to C & C Supervisor for review.
  • Transmits CRS, CDR and DRS to Treasury for processing.
  • Filing of collection related documents for reference and safekeeping.